The Cologne Domino Team

The Cologne Domino Team

I'm a member of the Cologne Domino Team (CDT), which is an association of some of Germany's best domino-builders.

Since an active community of domino-builders had evolved on YouTube, many builders started meeting in "real life" to create domino projects together. Also, when Christian Lamping started selling high-quality dominoes for a low price, a little domino-toppling craze started in Germany and resulted in many local domino groups. Many events were held in schools and other public places; in Türkheim, some students broke the 26-year-old German record in 2010.

But most of these associations either haven't existed very long, or had "only" something like 10,000 - 30,000 dominoes. That's why CDT is remarkable.

First, as I said, we are all really, really into domino-toppling and among the best experts you can find in Germany. But we are also the biggest group, meaning that we have biggest collection of dominoes - 200,000 pieces at the moment (worth more than 10,000$).

There have been two other German groups that have been well known among domino-builders: Individual Domino Toppling (IDT) and a group of students from Türkheim in Bavaria who have broken the 26-year-old German record with an astonishing 435,000 dominoes. But IDT was closed, and its successor IDO ("International Domino Organisation") has, strangely enough, never shown any sign of life since their foundation. And the builders from Türkheim have declared their forementioned record-breaking event to be their last one until further notice.

This means that CDT is apparently the biggest private domino organisation in the world at this time. So now have fun discovering who exactly we are and what we have done so far in the categories you can see on the right side of the screen.