CDT 2012

It will be (even) more difficult for us to organise CDT this time than before. Niclas faces his final exams in school, Simon und Tobias (millionendollarboy) are very busy in school as well, and Tim and I are at university now. And of course it doesn't get easier with a growing number of dominoes. Still, we are of course highly motivated to create an even better event.

The theme for CDT 2012 is "The Circus". We will set up 200,000 dominoes - still in the same hall where we started in 2008 with just 70,000 pieces. It's probably the biggest number we can fit into this hall.

We will try to improve the lighting and the camera work during the falldown, because a remarkable amount of viewers weren't happy with that in 2011 and 2010.

There's a lot more teamwork involved in the planning and organising of CDT 2012 than in the previous years: Tim has created an online discussion board (it isn't public, of course) where we talk about all kinds of things around CDT.

Another thing that is different is that now, after IIIIIDominoIIIII's basically exploded a few months ago, we have notable AdSense earnings that we can spend on CDT. (It allowed us to buy the weighing machine you could see in the second CDT preview, for example.)

There already is a complete masterplan for CDT 2012 and some fieldplans as well. Also, two new builders have been appointed, although in one case it's not sure yet if he can come.

Whenever more news about CDT are made public, you'll find them here. Until then, you could do us a favour and share the trailer with some people :-)