The Cologne Domino Team

Please note that this is the team of 2011. At CDT 2012, some more builders are going to join us. Those new members won't show up here before CDT though.

NICLAS THUMM is the head of the team. All the success the team had so far is basically due to him and Simon; every year he puts his shoulder on the wheel to create a successful event. During the week when the project is being realised, he keeps track of all the organisation, works as a builder, too, keeps in contact with the press and last but not least: manages a team of currently 15 members. We owe him a lot!


SIMON STÜMKE is the other organisator besides Niclas. He also creates the exact plans of the domino fields, edits videos (he is great at doing trailers) and of course, sets up a lot of dominoes, too. He and Niclas also present the event to the audience. The two plus Alexander Baron, Kaspar and Fabian Wiesbrock (and, since 2009, Thomas) represent the YouTube account IIIIIDominoIIIII, the origin of CDT: The other team members have been invited by them since.

ALEXANDER BARON used to be the third head of the team; now he mainly does jobs in the background, helps building lines and fields and assists Thomas to manage the technical equipment.

TOBIAS DEMUTH from Stuttgart is a member of our team since 2010, and he took an important part in his first event: He did the Builder's Challenge during the falldown, and thanks to his calm hands and strong nerves, the final field with 8,000 dominoes fell down just as planned. During the week of construction, he worked extremly much, maybe more than any other builder. On YouTube, he is known as millionendollarboy and impressed the domino fans with a huge 3D pyramid, which was the biggest one back then (but is not any more).

ALEXANDER GWOSDZ is in the team since 2009. He hardly sets up any dominoes though - along with Thomas, he manages the technical equipment and does his best to make the CDT falldown a great show.

Alexander Dings of CDT

ALEXANDER DINGS (also known as "I"). I've been a member of CDT since the beginning, and I'm very thankful for being in such an awesome team. Besides building dominoes, my job in the team is to help Simon shoot and edit the videos around CDT - the "Video Week" (daily clips for our YouTube viewers during the week before the event), the show before the falldown and of course the falldown itself. They even let me edit the final video of CDT 2010, which I really enjoyed doing.

KASPAR LAASER is one of the six friends from Cologne who originally founded CDT. He helps with the building of fields and lines and whatever is left to do in the hall to prepare the event.

RAPHAEL MALL joined us in 2010 and was one of the hardest-working builders at his first event. Among others, he helped building what might have been the most difficult projekt, the 3D plane. On YouTube, he calls himself DMRdriver.

FABIAN RASPEL from Mühlheim (North Rhine-Westphalia) has become a CDT member in 2010 as well. Among other projects, he helped building the final field of CDT 2010.

THOMAS SCHÄFER hardly helps with the building, but he still works as hard as three during the week of construction. He manages the technical equipment and is busy 24/7 with that - and still finds the time to care about lots of other things, including making wonderful baked potatoes for the builders.

TIMO SCHÄFERS lives in Lippstadt (North Rhine-Westphalia) and has been a member of CDT since the beginng. Some of his YouTube videos have received hundreds of thousands of views. He is the team's photographer (and proud of it).

ALEXANDER STUMPF from Würzburg (Bavaria) joined in 2010 to be the forth member called Alexander. Despite the confusion this caused, we were glad to have him in the team: Together with his inseparable buddy Raffael, he did an awesome job on the threedimensional domino airplane and the water power plant. On YouTube, his channel BerserkerBerlin is very well-known among domino fans.

DAVY VAN MEGEN is the only Dutchman in the team. In 2010, he participated at CDT for the first time, and as a really cheerful and funny person, he soon became popular within the team. He also turned out to be great at Builder's Challenges; lots had to be drawn to decide whether he or Tobias would do the Challenge during the falldown, and Davy had bad luck. On YouTube, you can watch his videos on the channel called DavyDomino.

TOBIAS NELLES is from Cologne and became a CDT member in 2011. Rather than setting up dominoes, he works both at the technics and in the kitchen and did a fantastic job there at his first CDT.

WASILJA PETERSE from the Netherlands has been a domino-builders literally since he was child. By now, he's a real expert and posts really colorful and innovative creations on YouTube (as Wdomino). He's a CDT member since 2011.

TIM WEISSKER has a remarkable portfolio: he is an official Guinness world record holder; he runs, which has much more visitors than any other website about domino, inlcuding this one; he created a program for designing domino fields that countless domino-builders around the world use. No surprise CDT had to get him on board sooner or later. He participated first in 2011.

FABIAN WIESBROCK has been a member since the very beginning, has a striking tendency to wear weird clothes and owns 6000 black dominoes. Besides building domino walls, his main job at CDT is to be the inline-skating pizza delivery boy for the team.


Former members are

Jonas Gärtner who helped in 2008;

Daniel Maier from Munich who participated in 2008 and 2009. He set up the whole final field of 2009 with 10,000 dominoes within just one and a half days;
Kai Wensky who was a builder at CDT 2008 and 2010.